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Chronic illness, welfare and trolls…oh my!

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Chelle HopeChelle Hope is a writer who is, regrettably, finding less time for being idle these days as the demand for attention from her inner voice grows louder and more urgent.  As a lesbian with disabilities, she is interested in how identity informs how we see ourselves and others.  In this week’s guest blog, she responds to some of the less than helpful tips offered to people who cannot work due to chronic illness.

Recently an online friend of mine shared a harrowing experience on her blog. My friend has a chronic illness and right now is unable to work to support herself financially, so has to deal with WINZ (NZ’s social welfare dept.) on a regular basis. It has not gone well thus far, but she has handled the situation with grace, tenacity and bravery. Unsurprisingly, my friend’s blog post inspired a number of terrible people (trolls) to comment on…

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