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Rainbow distraction


Since the Pride Parade protest and the GayTM and police pinkwashings, the Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” has been in my brain. I just had to rewrite the lyrics! So thanks to Sam for helping out with the new title and if anyone wants to sing it and put it on YouTube or SoundCloud, or suggest better changes, let me know!

The Internet loves a rant


On Sunday I ranted about the response to the protest at the Pride Parade. It was one-sided, personal (apologies, Richard Taki, if you’re reading) and lacked the usual, considered perspective I like to apply to my posts. But, I tell you, I’m blown away by how much attention I received.

The shame about Pride

rainbow flag losing colour

I had about 30 seconds of doubt but, after applying an essentialist principal — if it isn’t a definite Yes it’s a definite No — I decided not to go to the Pride Parade last night. Waking up to a barrage of outrage on social media about the assault that took place, I’m doubly glad — I have real concerns about the organisers’ response to what happened and I would have hated the crowds.

Urgent, important, essential

Guy with post-it notes covering his face pulling his hair out

I ended up using Eisenhower’s model to help me isolate what my value-add is as a consultant, which is obviously in the Important not Urgent (InU) area. Not only are these things the most valuable for my clients, they are crucial for my business, professional and personal well-being.

I’m not Steady Eddy


I thought I’d busted the myth that I was/am Steady Eddy long ago. But after attending and presenting at a hui on Friday where, by the end of the day people still thought I was joking that he and I are different people, I thought I should, once again, set the record straight (in more ways than one).


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