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Fringe leadership – what are the alternatives?


When it comes to leading change and creating social movements, particularly when it involves people on the margins of society, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming success means “widening” the mainstream to accept a new group of previously excluded citizens. What I would call fringe leadership is the commitment to doing things the other way around. It’s about bringing the mainstream to the marginalised minority with the intention of disrupting the dominant culture.

NEW! Kickstarter campaign launched


Yesterday we launched a new campaign on Kickstarter, which will enable the production of a short, short film called “Who We Are”. Based on an original poem I wrote in the 90s set to music, it will explore stereotypes that people place on others and themselves and question the human condition, both individually and collectively.

What loos need to lose


The fact is, public toilet design is centuries old. I’m sure it dates back to French pissoirs, which were designed to make public urination easier and discourage public urination. Whatever. And pissoirs were for men — I guess public toilets for women were an after-thought. So we need a new thought.


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