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The best of DiversityNZ – November 2015

Here’s our latest digest of the best DiversityNZ posts from last month – on polarity, sexuality, DNA editing, sci-fi themed prosthetics for kids and more.

3 November 2015 · Leave a comment

PHILIP’S BLOG: Flags, refugees and the bigger question of borders

The mere fact, that people are running from their countries and being refused entry into others, demonstrates a larger international malaise around nationalism and border control.

12 September 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: NASC from a client’s perspective

I was invited to present the keynote plenary session on the first morning the Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Association (NASCA) national forum, providing a client’s perspective.

4 September 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: How the forces of the arts, media and culture influence and shape our thinking and our national identity

Our thinking and national identity is pretty much defined by a big blob of white middle-class culture surrounded by a few odd bits.

21 August 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: The price of a prisoner’s life — $150,000 for Serco

But we know that most people in prisons made bad decisions, broke stupid rules, were struggling to survive and were hurt as much if not more than the people they hurt. For our Government to value their lives at $150 grand? That, in my mind, is a crime far, far worse.

18 August 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: The employment paradox

If the world’s idea of employment were an ostrich, its entirety is well buried in sand, not just its head. To meet the huge diversity, complexity and change that is ‘careering’ towards us in the next 15 years, we need to be leading new conversations.

7 August 2015

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