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Philip Patston is a well-known social and creative entrepreneur, a former award-winning comedian and a specialist in leadership, diversity, creativity and social change.
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Adding complexity to the mix

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Most Januaries I do a little bit of rebranding. I reflect on the previous year’s work, on the changes I’ve faced personally and professionally and on the kind of work I want to do over the next year. It’s not a big, fancy process. Mostly it’s intuitive. Mine is not a big business — hell, it’s hardly even small! It’s me essentially — along with a small team and a few associates — offering my unique life and professional experience to help others in a variety of ways.

Four days into the year of balance

Two round rocks balanced on a flat rock on a triangle rock

Just a quick reflection on the first days of the year, an affirmation of sorts. I notice I’ve taken on my reclusive role, usual for this time of year, not having left the house other to sit on the deck to read, drink, socialise, admire the beautiful nature-laden part of Auckland I am blessed to live in and/or reflect. It’s been a stressless, easy ride into 2015. May it continue.

The time “in-between”

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What has been different about this holiday period, which I usually find quite a difficult time, is the peace and joy I’ve found. I haven’t felt the struggle of being alone while everyone is away — in fact I’ve enjoyed the space and it has been evenly broken up by visitors. Even the days over Christmas (I can even write it now!) flowed without incident. This period is such a great “in-between” time. It’s 2014 becoming 2015. The days don’t matter (everyday’s a Saturday). And there’s plenty of time to do stuff, yet nothing has to be done.

A new conservative era?

Cyndi Lauper with her chequerboard shave

The beginnings of centuries are conservative. They become more and more liberal until they end with a couple of decades of slightly chaotic, anarchic radicalism.

I’m no historian, so I don’t have reliable data to back up my hypothesis. But here’s what I can argue with my very average competence in general knowledge.

RainbowYOUTH turns 25


Unfortunately I was unable unable to attend tonight’s 25th reunion of RainbowYOUTH, “a charitable organisation providing support, information, advocacy and education for queer and trans* young people (aged between 13 and 28), their friends and Whānau, and those who work with queer and trans* youth.” Having had the honour of being their patron for the last few years I asked for a few words to be read on my behalf.

NEW! Organisational development using online and offline technology

Form with tick boxes — Often, sometimes (ticked), seldom, never

Long time no blog! I’ve been busy working part-time at the New Zealand AIDS Foundation; getting ready to wrap up the fourth year of Be. Leadership and recruit for the fifth programme in 2015; and developing a new way to work with organisations to help them improve what they do.

A couple of months ago the GM of an organisation I helped set up in the 90s contacted me about doing a two-hour session on customer service at an annual staff hui. I told her there would be little of value I could achieve in two hours, but that I had an idea of how to gather data beforehand to use at the session.


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