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Should kids have to keep themselves safe?

We must finally admit we can no longer trust ourselves and each other to fulfil one of the most important roles of adults — child protection. The countless and growing statistics and news reports attest to it: we’ve got so bad at looking after kids, the least we can do is help them look after themselves.

26 June 2014

My 17,000 pageviews of 2013

So there you are — sympathy, empathy, entitlement, worthiness, abuse, vulnerability, democracy, mental health, technology. Those were the key themes you were interested in reading about in 2013.

Thank you for being one of the 7000 unique visitors to visit my blog 10,500 time this year, totaling 17,300 pageviews.

13 December 2013

James Parker — an example of how society fails everyone

Watching events unfold around James Parker’s arrest, trial and, this week, his sentencing with preventative detention for the sexual violation of 20 boys over many years, I have felt an … Continue reading

16 August 2013

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