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What loos need to lose


The fact is, public toilet design is centuries old. I’m sure it dates back to French pissoirs, which were designed to make public urination easier and discourage public urination. Whatever. And pissoirs were for men — I guess public toilets for women were an after-thought. So we need a new thought.

I had restricted access to voting booth then was treated like a second-class citizen…

orange voting mascot

I have just been to Grey Lynn Community Centre to cast a special vote. As I use a wheelchair I checked elections.org.nz to ensure access — the site listed it as fully wheelchair accessible. When I arrived the door being used had a step. I entered through the centre’s main door and went to the inside door of the Oval Room. My PA went to open the door and it was blocked by a table. He was told to use the inaccessible entrance. He then had to argue with staff to convince them to move the table to allow me access. Neither of us received any apology.

Hesitantly weighing in on cyber-security

black keyboard spelling pasword

I’m no cyber-security expert but I’m geeky enough to know that the recent eBay security breach and, before that, Heartbleed, are showing that passwords are fast becoming obsolete. Many real cyber-experts are advocating biometrics as the way forward — finger, eye or even face scanning.

But I like this solution posed by Justin Balthrop on Medium.

Thinking about the box, rather than outside it

box with question marks

We often hear people utter the mantra, “Think outside the box.” It’s become the hold-all for creative thinking, problem solving and even good leadership.

But how often do we often think about the box itself? How often do we consider that, by thinking outside it, we stray away from the box — even ignore it completely — and miss the truth of the matter.


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