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PHILIP’S BLOG: The employment paradox

If the world’s idea of employment were an ostrich, its entirety is well buried in sand, not just its head. To meet the huge diversity, complexity and change that is ‘careering’ towards us in the next 15 years, we need to be leading new conversations.

7 August 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: Gender neutral education recommendations a huge step forward

The Ministry of Education’s new curriculum guidelines released last week, aimed at improving sex education and diversity for students, seem almost too good to be true. These guidelines show surprisingly … Continue reading

1 June 2015

DPSN: Gender Neutral

Originally posted on dpsn:
This week in our video series we sat down to talk to one of the founders of ‘Gender Neutral‘ an NZ company dedicated to making New…

25 May 2015

I THINK DIFFERENTLY: “Active Hands” Products Enable Accessible Gym Workout

Originally posted on I Think Differently:
Source: ActiveHands.com As a competitive wheelchair racer Rob Smith spends a lot of time training in the gym. Without his gym workouts he would…

10 May 2015

Who Are We?

Originally posted on dpsn:
This year we are trying out a new format for the DPSN blog – with monthly video blogs! For our first video we chat with Philip…

3 April 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: Fringe leadership – what are the alternatives?

When it comes to leading change and creating social movements, particularly when it involves people on the margins of society, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming success means “widening” the mainstream to accept a new group of previously excluded citizens. What I would call fringe leadership is the commitment to doing things the other way around. It’s about bringing the mainstream to the marginalised minority with the intention of disrupting the dominant culture.

1 April 2015

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