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The art and etiquette of actually being helpful

I get a lot of people trying to help me. The less they know me the less helpful their help is. So it’s useful and interesting to make the distinction between ‘helping’ and ‘being helpful’. They are definitely not synonymous and are, so often, completely antithetical.

27 July 2014

The lengths we have gone to get away from ourselves

I went to a play the other day. A lot of people had recommended it. It was good, a little long perhaps, but well-written, well-acted and well staged. Not life-changing … Continue reading

8 April 2014

Is your organisation being diversity?

Organisations that “do” diversity: Have policies, strategies and plans to manage it Get trained in different aspects of diversity – gender, culture, sexuality, disability Have “ethnic” days, lunches, etc Count … Continue reading

30 July 2013

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