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PHILIP’S BLOG: Flags, refugees and the bigger question of borders

The mere fact, that people are running from their countries and being refused entry into others, demonstrates a larger international malaise around nationalism and border control.

12 September 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: NASC from a client’s perspective

I was invited to present the keynote plenary session on the first morning the Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Association (NASCA) national forum, providing a client’s perspective.

4 September 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: The employment paradox

If the world’s idea of employment were an ostrich, its entirety is well buried in sand, not just its head. To meet the huge diversity, complexity and change that is ‘careering’ towards us in the next 15 years, we need to be leading new conversations.

7 August 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: When too many rights make a wrong

The belief that one is right about, or has a right to, a certain thing, with no willingness to change stance, can lead to a varying number of undesirable outcomes. It also ignores the diversity and complexity involved in a lot of decision-making processes.

29 July 2015

MELT YOUR MIND: Johann Hari – Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Originally posted on melt your mind:
What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods…

12 July 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: To be or not to be included — looking beyond the paradox

It’s a paradoxical turn of events. Decades ago marginalised groups could shout disdain from the edges of civic life because they genuinely weren’t included. But these days any dissent can be quashed with one of two rebuttals.

11 July 2015

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