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The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels

Originally posted on melt your mind:
Via Delve Video Essays comes a reminder of the simple question that drove the digital revolution: Yes or no? It was the change that no-one…

21 June 2014

Soul work

When we stop wishing to harm each other through shame and blame. When we realise that, as someone said yesterday, diversity is life and life is diversity. When we realise there’s nothing to fear and everything to love.

That’s when change will happen. That’s everybody’s soul work.

8 May 2014

Praise for “My Friend is a Superhero”

When we raised enough money to print 1500 copies of “My Friend is a Superhero” through our PledgeMe campaign, we received an incredible amount of generous feedback. We thought we’d … Continue reading

19 July 2013

A great present for the kids

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8 July 2013

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