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“Believe it or not?” It sure ain’t gonna fix it

I think the opportunity is great in New Zealand to grapple with these issues. With 4.5m people we won’t change the world, but 4.5m people is small enough a population to change a nation. It’s Ghandi’s notion, on a national scale, of “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

28 April 2014

14 things I’d like to see happen in 2014

New Zealand’s relatively small population, land mass and infrastructure creates so much opportunity to lead the world in recognising some fundamental changes that would improve society in general. Here’s my bucket list.

31 December 2013

My 17,000 pageviews of 2013

So there you are — sympathy, empathy, entitlement, worthiness, abuse, vulnerability, democracy, mental health, technology. Those were the key themes you were interested in reading about in 2013.

Thank you for being one of the 7000 unique visitors to visit my blog 10,500 time this year, totaling 17,300 pageviews.

13 December 2013

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