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A life of paradox, power & privilege

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If you’re anything like me you’re likely in some state of confusion and uncertainty which, I would hazard to say, is a very good state from which to tackle diversity, not to mention leadership, complexity and change. Our human need to be sure and certain and to know the answers are precisely what leads us astray in the world, a world which is nothing like what we would like it to be. Sorry kids, it’s messy out there.

Child’s medical treatment highlights tension between principles and reality

Charlley and her mum

These issues become so septic because they are complex but are treated like there are two simple answers — right or wrong. I think Charley’s parents have been courageous and they seem to want the best for their child.

I don’t think their actions are ten steps back for disability rights. I think they have started a new conversation about the tension between the principles of human rights and the reality of quality of life.

Lets keep talking.

The one thing most employers get wrong about recruitment (and it’s potentially unlawful)


Twice in the last week I’ve been confronted by the issue of asking employment applicants whether they have any health or disability-related needs or requirements. First at a Human Resources Institute diversity event; and then on the application form for a part-time position I have applied for.

The practice seems quite prevalent among employers, who seem unaware that it is a potential breach of human rights. Based on the four years I spent working for the Human Rights Commission, let me explain what the problems, risks and solutions are.


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