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PHILIP’S BLOG: The employment paradox

If the world’s idea of employment were an ostrich, its entirety is well buried in sand, not just its head. To meet the huge diversity, complexity and change that is ‘careering’ towards us in the next 15 years, we need to be leading new conversations.

7 August 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: To choose the life I want to lead: submission to the Productivity Commission

This is the submission I made recently to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into More Effective Social Services, in response to Chapter 11: Client choice and empowerment. Submissions closed in June.

19 July 2015

I THINK DIFFERENTLY: Crutches help Cate Grace to business success

Originally posted on I Think Differently:
Source: Sunday Star Times Rheumatoid arthritis has not stopped Cate Grace from becoming a top personal trainer and inspirational business leader. For many people, a…

14 June 2015


Originally posted on I Think Differently:
Source: Satan’s Little Helper Satan’s Little Helper is a reformed sinner, on a quest to cut a break for good souls who keep getting…

26 May 2015

Humans need not apply

Originally posted on melt your mind:
This video isn’t about how automation is bad — rather that automation is inevitable. It’s a tool to produce abundance for little effort. We…

25 April 2015

Resignations & employment

There will always be circumstances in which employees will choose to resign and leave immediately. However, I think it’s an important indicator of the healthiness of employment relationships and organisational culture. Anyone in a leadership position who dismisses it as the fault of the employee does so at their own — and their organisation’s — peril.

7 February 2015

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