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DPSN: Speculative Relationships

Originally posted on dpsn:
This week we look at Speculative Relationships – a Sci Fi and Romance comic anthology. Creator Tyrell and Artist Isabella discuss putting together the anthology, the…

13 July 2015

DPSN: Gender, Colonisation and Community

Originally posted on dpsn:
This month I sat down with Kiran to talk about gender, colonisation and community:

22 June 2015

DPSN: Gender Neutral

Originally posted on dpsn:
This week in our video series we sat down to talk to one of the founders of ‘Gender Neutral‘ an NZ company dedicated to making New…

25 May 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: What loos need to lose

The fact is, public toilet design is centuries old. I’m sure it dates back to French pissoirs, which were designed to make public urination easier and discourage public urination. Whatever. And pissoirs were for men — I guess public toilets for women were an after-thought. So we need a new thought.

6 March 2015

PHILIP’S BLOG: Rainbow distraction

Since the Pride Parade protest and the GayTM and police pinkwashings, the Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” has been in my brain. I just had to rewrite the lyrics! So thanks to Sam for helping out with the new title and if anyone wants to sing it and put it on YouTube or SoundCloud, or suggest better changes, let me know!

24 February 2015

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