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The most offensive part of this meme is its spelling!

George Takei, Star Trek's inimitable Mr Sulu, has been chastised by disability rights activists for posting a Facebook meme. Said meme depicts, from behind, a woman standing from her wheelchair to reach a bottle of (presumably) wine, with the words, "There has been a miracle in the alcohol isle [sic]."

13 August 2014

Vodafone, window washers, irony and paradox

The irony is that window washers are earning money in a somewhat entrepreneurial way, at a time where Government welfare policies are actively discouraging unemployment.

The paradox is that the less you pay your staff, the more profit you make. But you will have lower morale and loyalty. This is likely to result in less new and ongoing business, if my reaction to Vodafone’s one-line email (a complaint and threat to look for a new provider) is anything to go by.

22 October 2013

My way is best

I had a bit of spare time so I caught up on some blog reading this afternoon. In fact I trawled through about 230 posts on my bloglovin’ feed. I … Continue reading

12 August 2013

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