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Biocentric humanism — are you ready for it?

None of the problems we face these days — climate change, poverty, violence, suicide, inequality, you name it — need to exist. They are simply the result of our greed, irresponsibility and unwillingness to accept that we lie in the bed that we make.

27 March 2014

Obligation — where does it come from?

Internalising obligation, rather than externalising it, makes for much healthier relationships. It eliminates resentment and martyrdom. And it keeps all of us in the driving seats of our own lives.

13 February 2014

In defence of Justin Bieber and other child celebrities

The blatant exploitation of child celebrities by the music, film and television industry has never sat well with me. Michael Jackson is a classic example of what happens when children are exposed to the crazy hype of modern entertainment from too early an age.

31 January 2014

Roast Busters — the blame-shame machine alive and well

It’s easy for middle NZ to scream foul at the behaviour of the “Roast Busters”, blaming and shaming them. Not as easy, though, to realise these boys are a product of their environment.

6 November 2013

Stranger danger — whose responsibility?

A recent TV experiment in the UK showed seven of nine children followed a stranger out of a park when their parents were distracted by a phonecall. Described as “horrible” … Continue reading

6 September 2013

James Parker — an example of how society fails everyone

Watching events unfold around James Parker’s arrest, trial and, this week, his sentencing with preventative detention for the sexual violation of 20 boys over many years, I have felt an … Continue reading

16 August 2013

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