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DPSN: Social media vs. social change

Originally posted on dpsn:
Sometimes, we hear a lot of from people bemoaning the destructive impact of social media upon society, culture and, in particular, youth.  We hear about how…

15 June 2015

Chelle Hope: Standing out

Originally posted on dpsn:
Chelle Hope is a writer who is, regrettably, finding less time for being idle these days as the demand for attention from her inner voice grows…

23 March 2015

The relativity of crime

If you watched Benefits Street last night, you may have been offended by the blatant depiction of crimes like shoplifting and drug selling. You may have felt disgusted or pity for the residents’ dependence on welfare and substances, or simply for the squalor they lived in.

Or you may have just worried about the future of the kids growing up in James Turner Street.

28 August 2014

Rebel to Leader: Bryan Crump, Radio NZ, talks to Philip Patston

Last night I spoke with Bryan Crump on Radio NZ National Nights.

14 August 2014

The most offensive part of this meme is its spelling!

George Takei, Star Trek's inimitable Mr Sulu, has been chastised by disability rights activists for posting a Facebook meme. Said meme depicts, from behind, a woman standing from her wheelchair to reach a bottle of (presumably) wine, with the words, "There has been a miracle in the alcohol isle [sic]."

13 August 2014

Who means a lot to you?

Originally posted on dpsn:
Over the last few months Philip, Anna, Barbara and I have been collecting stories for DPSN’s  “You Mean A Lot To Me” project. Our goal is…

30 June 2014

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