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Digitally native or colonised?

Cartoon baby with iPhone

The phrase “digital native” has evolved pretty effortlessly into the common lexicon in the last five years. But is it accurate or a misnomer? What we need to keep reviewing, I think, is how early we allow children to adopt technology. The idea of digitally colonising our kids may make us think again about how old they are before we let their minds be gobbled up by our smartphone interfaces.

The road toll is stupid!

crashed car

Since watching and tweeting about a news report on a fatal car crash in the weekend, where alcohol and speed (180km/h) were factors, I haven’t been able to stop thinking how stupid and unnecessary the road toll is. In fact, I’d argue it could be almost eradicated quite easily.

Thinking about the box, rather than outside it

box with question marks

We often hear people utter the mantra, “Think outside the box.” It’s become the hold-all for creative thinking, problem solving and even good leadership.

But how often do we often think about the box itself? How often do we consider that, by thinking outside it, we stray away from the box — even ignore it completely — and miss the truth of the matter.


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