Background and purpose

Leading diversity … creating change

Diversity New Zealand ( is a social enterprise combining Philip Patston’s company and a common good (not-for-profit) Trust. We work in the realms of leadership, diversity, creativity and social change.

Through his company, Diversity New Zealand Ltd, Philip offers opportunities to think more creatively about diversity. You will discover new ways to approach and respond to your customers, clients, colleagues or students. You’ll handle conflict more easily, you’ll find different ways to strategise and plan, you’ll enjoy your work and life more. And you’ll feel excited and confident about making meaningful, lasting personal, organisational and social change. Learn more »

Diversityworks Trust is a vehicle founded by Philip in 2005 to run projects that promote diversity, creativity and social change. Learn more »

We also run a suite of blogs and social networks, all focussed on presenting cool ideas and casting a different slant on the world. Learn more »

Philip started Diversity New Zealand because of a passion for social justice. Over 15 years his passion has changed: he now wishes to realise a vision of a world with a new understanding of diversity — one that embraces uniqueness, commonality and creativity.

Philip is best recognised for his ten-year career as a comedian and entertainer but, these days, it’s his leading thinking and impact on constructive social change, both in New Zealand and globally, that is getting him noticed.

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